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Billy Johnson on fire, in a semi, and driving the Mworks 350

Haha, that's some good stuff right there. :biggrin: How good is Fez's insurance anyway? Somehow I can't see him justifying a flipped semi on a race track to the insurance company. :biggrin:
I want to race him in my 98 Kenworth. Sweet!
I got a good track weight 18,320lbs!:eek:
You need to get your hands on one of those racing semi trucks.
That would be a lot of fun!

RUTRX7: At the moment, you probably have the upper hand in shifting. Give me a day or two of practice and lets hit the track! Bring some friends so we can listen to some CW McCall :biggrin:
you got to shift with the jake brake, shift time will be in half. I wish I could race there but I'm in Chitown local guy. Your guys out my way I'm in.

Any nsx guys around want a ride to see how they semi's go, let me know,you will be :eek:

The next record you need to break with the volvo

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