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14 February 2015
San Francisco, CA.
I had an opportunity to visit Advance garage in Japan! They've been making aftermarket parts for the NSX for decades. They're very popular for the customization and quality of their parts. Please enjoy the video and photos!



Info from the Advance-JP website
"Advance opened in April 1991, in Yokohama, Japan. At first, it was a type of shop that was different from the conventional stance of a tuning shop, such as selling popular goods from the car magazine "OPTION", which was very popular at the time.

In addition, both staff and customers were quick to actively participate in "Circuit Driving Events," which began a trend, and eventually, became an annual send-off party for the company.

The "Advance Driving Event", which was first held at Fuji Speedway in June 1993, has been a specialty event of the shop for over 20 years.
This event is not just a specialty of the store, but it has great significance for developing new products and collecting data for research and development!

In other words, tuning parts are car parts, so we can't recommend them with confidence unless they are actually installed in the car and checked under some kind of extreme conditions, not just on paper.

This kind of work is not left to the professional driver, but by having the staff run it, we are able to perform checks closer to the user's point of view, so we can give a more realistic answer to the customer's questions.

At our shop, we would like to continue to support our customers' car play with such a stance."