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Blue carbon fiber gauges

5 April 2004
I'm thinking I like these guages more than my white faced gauges because you can see the needle better at night. I found these on Yahoo Japan auctions and then found a link to their store http://www.locaimportstore.com


The price is about US $200. Anyone know where else I can find these gauges? The speedometer label says km/h but it only goes up to 180 which means it should be MPH. The website says it's Japanese 180km/h scale whatever that means. Here's how the guages look in the daytime (these are not the ones for the NSX).

Malibu Rapper said:
The website says it's Japanese 180km/h scale whatever that means.
It refers to the scales on a JDM NSX with a speedo that shows 180 km/h max. See this posting for a possible explanation.

If you swap US gauge faces for the ones you posted a pic of, the speed readings will be incorrect. Compare the locations of the numerals on the speedo to where they are in a US market NSX.
Thanks for the explanation Tom239, yeah it looks like the markers will be off. I found out that Toucan Industries makes similar gauges but not for the NSX. Looks like I'll have to wait for a US version of this to come out. I kinda like these because of the contrast on the dark needle and the color more closely matches my climate control and clock color:

Malibu, post a DIY! :smile:
jorligan said:
Malibu, post a DIY! :smile:

I still need some time to type it up. I have some pictures in this gallery here but I didn't take enough pictures to really write up a good DIY. In one of the pictures below, you'll see some amber and green LEDs. I am going to replace those with bright blue LEDs and hopefully I'll be able to take some better pictures.


I also had a slight accident with an acetone laden towel that I set the clear plastic piece for the clock on and it messed up the plastic piece so had to just lay the gel sheet over the place where the plastic piece would have gone. Works just as good but it's not something others would be doing on their clocks. Yeah this would be a sick mod for the blue/blue cars :) There's just something really soothing about blue light.