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Bluetooth Speaker

27 July 2007
Denver, CO
I can't find the thread now, but I swear a member recently posted about a clever way to mount a bluetooth speaker to the rear speaker panel. It was similar to what I am designing. Does anyone remember that thread?
I'll start digging, looking for a good BT solution as well. My initial thought was a BT amp and then just put the OEM speakers on the shelf (2 are dead) and mount something better.

This was just done last year and I haven't come across the article until now: https://carstereochick.com/2021/10/...2c29c020be0493e9e6a4ed35d8177d7#comment-51849

I have a fantastic speaker that I tested in the car and it sounds great. I'm trying to rig up a mount that makes it easy to clip in the speaker to the rear speaker grille and remove when not needed (like at the track). Right now, the plan is to screw an aluminum flat bar into the back of the speaker and have a corresponding aluminum flat bar running across the speaker grille. With proper spacing, I can slide the vertical bar over the horizontal bar and have a relatively secure mount that is easily removable.

I could have sworn I saw someone on Prime do this already, though his bracket seemed beefier than what I am planning.