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Bought my 1991 NSX today.

22 June 2008
Hey guys,

A bud was in the market to sell his NSX so I bought it today. So far, I love it. I look forward to adding to the community.



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Congrats and welcome!

Looks like it was lovingly maintained.
The guy I bought it from took pride in the car. I can't believe it's 17 years old. I'd rate the inside a 9/10 and the exterior a 10.

I love the rims and the way you can see the engine from outside the car. He customized a "window" into the engine bay.

I don't like the carbon fibre clutch but I guess I'll get used to it. It has a Koni setup that plain hugs.

The AC was just converted and works like a champ. I'm pretty stoked.

Awesome, I love this car. My favorites:

Imola Orange/Orange
Rio Yellow/Yellow
Red w/ Black top

The 91 is a great car to have, welcome to Prime ;-)
Awesome and welcome from one new owner to another!

Looks like a very good example there, congrats!
Welcome to the community. The coolant tank. Even painted, exposed under the sun it is prone to cracking. Replace it with a metal one or get the NSX-R tank cover. I'm on my third set already and now I put back my engine cover on.
I have no idea. I'll look at it tonight to see if it's metal or not. I love the way you can see the engine through everything. The guy made his own custom cover from what I gather.