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Bouncing off Rev Limiter - What damage?

21 March 2000
Los Angeles
I did this a couple of times on a "spirited drive" and it really upset me.

How much damage can this do to NSX motor? I was not downshifting, just accelerating into the red zone...

Hmmm, she'd been sitting 4 hours since the last drive. What difference does a cold motor make?

Thanks in advance.


Putting a cold engine under high RPM or high load is bad for a lot of reasons. Two of the main ones are that the metal parts themselves haven't warmed up and expanded to normal operating temperature (the way they are "worn in" to fit together) and the oil has not reached it's proper high-load operating temperature and weight.
in the S2k when the motor is cold you can't rev past 7K on an Ap1

This is the same thing for my 95 NSX-T.... I try to take it easy and let it warm up before driving faster :)
I don't think he cares anymore, this was posted in March of 2000!!! :eek: