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brake lines from abs syste...help

13 October 2011
Dear Prime,you are dealing with a mechanical moron,please bear with me.I am just finishing up the ABS rebuild care of Warrenw's write up and o ring kit.In my total haste to do this i neglected to label the brake lines as i removed them,figuring like a tool that it would be self evident which line went where.This is not the case especially as two of the lines got a bit bent out of shape during the uninstall (not near as bent out of shape as i am now though).So the Accumulator is marked(from the front looking rearward) FR,RL,RR,FL. There are two lines that do not go through the 6 way unit(valve?) they run to the fire wall then run along the fire wall to tha drivers side and one to the pax side.the 6 way velve has 2 1ines that run through the fire wall(10mm flare nuts)on the back side of the valve ,on the top are 2 lines for the clutch master(12mm flare nuts) on the front this leaves an upper and a lower valve that will take the two loose brake lines.could some one much smarter than myself please tell me which ports conect to which lines/ports i.e FR to upper 6 way,RL to fixed pax side etc.thank you in advance ...stupid steve the cars a 91 if that makes a difference
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I will try to take pics tommorow unless i figure it out tonight.Its now 9:30 pm and drinking a beer to try to recover,looking at a print out of the illustrated perts diagram it appears that the two fire wall lines are the front brakes andthus go in the first and last positions and the two middle positions go to the 6 way valve,the upper to the RL and the lower to RR.if any one can confirm that would be great,thanks again ....steve
That 6 line unit is just a terminal (distribution) block.
On the terminal (distribution) block:
The top line is for the the clutch. (should be self evident.)
middle is for the RL
lower is for the RR
Hope that helps.
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Thanks Warren that confirms what the parts diagram shows and thus shows the value of beer vs blind perserverance.mate that i work with always tell me to stop when im tired but i never listen,perhaps going forth i shall,thank you for the input...steve. p.s also many thanks for the o ring kit

update:thank you WarrenW and Adnan, its not super pretty but all the lines are attached where they should be,abs is back in place,new clutch master installed( as im in there),only got to install a new clutch slave,re-fill all with fluids and bleed,feel like in in the down hill run now ,so only 4 more days of work to go,thanks again....steve
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thanks for the photos guys.unfortunatly whilst i managed to get it all back together i guess i have cross threaded the RR and even worse the FL ports on the bloody ABS it also looks like i may have cracked the resiovor as i have a slow leak somewhere around there.talk about ticked off.managed to get the clutch master and slave in.
it looks like i may have gotten the RR line sealed but the FL ( of course its gotta be one of the fixed lines)is like a geyser,its not leaking from the treads on the flare nut but is coming out the inside of the flare nut,dont know if thats indicative of a poor seal at the base of the flare nut or a crack in the line,in total disgust and dismay i have called it an evening....steve
whoo hoo,finally some good news the resevoir is not cracked it was just a pinched o- ring,luckiyl i kept the old ones and was able to swap it out then very gently re install....steve
final update

Thank you all for the help with my ham fisted wrenching.managed to bleed the clutch master and slave this morning.early afternoon a mate of mine came over to educate me in some of the finer points of mechanic-ing,my mate Charlie is currently a flight Engineer but prior to that a 30 year aircraft mech.,he was able to take a spare flare nut i had and cut 4 channels around the perimiter of said nut then use it to very carefully chase the bloody threads back to useable,absolutly magic. he then showed me how to pay proper respect to aluminium when tightening things in to it.then Richard(fellow primer) showed up and helped me bleed the brakes and exercise the solenoids(as per DanO land).some days just suck,some are ok, today though was an absolute treat,thank you all...steve
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