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Building the Beast

9 May 2001
Dexter, MI 48130
I originally purchased my car in 2001 after it had come off of a 3 year lease in Boston. I was actually at a meeting in Boston and after failed attempts to buy a ZO6 Corvette (Dealer wouldn't let me test drive the car without a 10K deposit despite having driven into the dealership in a 911) and a 96 993 Turbo (Couldn't get any sales assistance at the dealership despite having purchased an Audi Allroad there 6 months prior), decided that an NSX was the ticket. Dealer had the 98 NSX and a new 2001 NSX. Couldn't decide on either the 98 (MC BLUE) OR THE 01 (Silverstone). My wife who has better taste decided that Blue was better. We bought the car and drove it home. The modifications then began and in the first 4 years of ownership, I actually had the car for around 6 months total. First went with a Cartech turbo system (Go to their website and they still use my car in the pictures) and they had the car for 22 months. Got the car back and it was faster but would frequently throw a check engine light. Unfortunately, I swerved to avoid a dear, sideswiped a large bush and damaged the panels on the right side of the car which led to a new bumper cover, front quarter, door, rear quarter and rear bumper cover. All replaced with OEM parts (2002 rear valance upgrade) and getting ready for XPO 04 but now had issues with oil getting through the turbo seals. Finally got everything straightened out but not before XPO so the NSX stayed at home and I took the wife's new Noble. After return, planned on changing the intake to wired throttle instead of throttle by wire as Devin had done. I contacted him and his tech said NO and then Devin went to AEM. Before his departure, he referred me to Momin at Elite who had done some excellent work on Ktan car. The car was off to Minneapolis where it underwent an engine build and the first Elite NSX turbo system.


After return from Elite
Elite turbo setup using an Innovative PT62 BB turbo
Rear mounted air-air aftercooler
Autowave modified AEM
Lowered with Eibach springs
SSR GT-1 17/18 wheels
Eagle HID driving lights (Best driving lights I have had, unfortunately no longer available)
SOS HID low beams
RPS single disc clutch
Cantrell Headers

More to come
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22 months?:eek: Was this on/off or for the whole duration? So which is faster, the NSX or the Noble?
IN for the history lesson, Tim ;^D

Hey, nice wheels BTW!
Your car was the first turbo NSX I ever experienced, so I blame you for a LOT ;-P

22 months?:eek: Was this on/off or for the whole duration? So which is faster, the NSX or the Noble?

The whole duration. Currently, the NSX but it is currently in Phase 4, hopefully the final phase. The Cartech was Level 1, the Elite turbo was Level 2, Level 3 and 4 are coming.

Brian, you rode Level 3.... Level 4 is a whole different beast. Had to turn down the boost to 12 lbs since it was felt that 19 lbs was undrivable with the current tires / brake / and more importantly, this driver. Estimates of 19 lbs was 850 RWHP by 2 separate very knowledgable people. I think that Cody's dyno is really underestimating since he uses no correction.
After getting the car back from ELITE, the car drove well when under throttle but had difficulty starting and stalled frequently. This was related to the modified AEM unit from Autowave. The throttle body was cleaned without success and multiple attempts to retune the car were unsuccessful.

I drove the car to NSXCC where I met Sduffass. I let him drive my car and I again spread the GFCP virus, one hit and you are hooked. He got the opportunity to drive the car sideways:eek: and I got to see what others have been experiencing. I drove the car to NYC and after driving across the throgs neck bridge with this horrendous smell, found I was next to a septic hauler truck in stop and go traffic in the hot sun with regular stalling and difficulty starting, I couldn't get away from him because of these issues, I decided that I needed to change the ECU and the clutch since my left quad was getting huge. Lovefab had recently come on the seen and since Cody was local, I contacted him about retuning the car with an FIC and also switching to an air/water aftercooler. He somehow convinced me to go with the new Lovefab headers and an entire new Lovefab setup since the cost would not be significantly higher. The SOS carbon-carbon was now available and I elected to switch.

Stage 3 - 607/498
Lovefab turbo setup
Lovefab headers
AEM Meth injection
AEM Tru-Boost
Innovative PT62 BB turbo
SOS carbon-carbon clutch
Wilwood BBK (6 piston front and 4 piston rear)
Elite Built motor, 9:1 low compression build
SOS aluminum cooling tank
Comptech triangular motor brace
Lowered with Eibach springs
SSR GT-1 17/18 wheels
Eagle HID driving lights (Best driving lights I have had, unfortunately no longer available)
SOS HID low beams

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I still remember smoking a cigarette outside the hotel back in 2004, saw the Noble and you came outside and told me it was your wifes car. :smile:

Its been a long voyage for you and your blue animal. Driving it behind it at NSXPO 11 was quite fun. You, Josh and me in Zanardi was pure driving bliss.

I also remember our ride in the Noble back in OHIO, I still tell people about that.

Congrats, dare I say the car is...DONE? :biggrin:

PS: I no longer smoke cigarettes, best thing I've ever done was quit. :wink:
Tim is never done. But now that he doesn't have me around to "one-up" anymore, I'm not sure where his competitive nature will come from.


You sold your car?