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Bulb size for Canadian daytime driving lights?

21 July 2011
Westchester, NY
I've sourced a set of Canadian DDL for my US spec NSX, but they did not come with bulbs. Does anyone know the bulb size for these and how they are installed?

just a 1156 bulb. CDN cars should be pre-wired. good luck finding the brackets though since I believe they're discountinued.
1156, that's what I thought, thanks. I believe the lights have the brackets already attached. Oh, and is the lens plastic? It appears so...
Re: for Canadian daytime driving lights?

Your lights have one of the brackets on them already, you"ll need to fab-up another bracket to bolt onto the underside of the bumber.

You can use an L shape bracket with holes to position the lights and to bolt on to the bumper. There is an existing hole that a 10mm bolt be used to secure the bracket and lights to the underside of the bumper.

I took a look at my bumper and see that there is one bracket missing as you mentioned. Does anyone have a picture of the OEM bracket? This way I can have a better idea of what I'd be making.
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