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burned by -jnsxf-

19 March 2008
he posted on prime na2 bumper and headlights complete i paypaled him as a gift so it wouldent hold the 3% like he requested and now hes MIA anyone know where is lives let me know i will buy a plain ticket and make a personal visit! and hopefully who ever runs the prime fourms bans him from the server his email addresss he used on prime was - [email protected]- his paypal address is different

Sent to:
Stephany Zambrano (The recipient of this payment is Verified)
[email protected]

Amount sent:
-$2,500.00 USD
Fee amount:
$0.00 USD
Net amount:
-$2,500.00 USD

Apr 3, 2012
16:18:42 PDT
anyone can help would be awsome
Paypal "GIFTS" used for payment is a big time NO NO!!!!! No protection, no money back. Like it says.. its a GIFT. Also, Paypal will not provide ID, address, nadda if you use it to pay for a purchase. It becomes a fraud case in which Paypal will not participate. Pretty tough to catch crooks who are doing this.

Read the second portion of the link I provided below on future "GIFTS" payments.

"There is a new technique for scamming that all traders should be aware of when making a payment through PayPal for an item bought online. A relatively new feature on PayPal’s website is the ability to send a fee-free “gift” or "personal" payment. Such a payment is solely for the purpose of sending a cash gift -– not for the payment of goods bought/sold on the internet.

You may be saying, “that’s great! – the seller will be happy that he/she isn’t going to be docked a fee for our transaction!” But, what is not readily explained is: this “gift” payment option comes with ZERO buyer protection – meaning, you cannot dispute a transaction if you receive a faulty item or do not receive your item at all. Many online scammers are requesting payment in this way so that the buyer cannot file a PayPal claim – if a seller requests that you pay via this method for a substantial item, please be very cautious as the item could be defective or not exist!


>>> How to avoid selecting the "gift" payment option:

This feature is somewhat disguised when making a payment on PayPal’s website. After selecting the “send money” tab in your PayPal account, type in the amount you want to send. To maintain your buyer protection and charge the seller a fee, keep the "payment reason" tab on "purchase" and select an option such as "goods." To send money as a "gift payment" or (personal payment), select the tab "personal" and select an option such as "other" or "payment powed" -- toggling back to the "purchase" tab will return to the "normal" (fee included) payment method.

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WOW, I'm now seeing this. I was the first person to have dibs on this, he replied instantly and advised he will ship it through some no name transport company.... I was only going to pay for it right away once he call me. He however did call me like 5hrs later saying he just left the office and got home now, he advised he have a new born baby and need the cash, also can't buy another NSX for now and blahh blahh,blahh...

He was very persistent about me paying right away and send as a "GIFT" on Paypal, because other's wanted to pay for it too on Prime!!!.. I was about to hit send and look @ his join date and said Fackk that. I Don't think so buddy.. I decided to tell him I'll pay in the morning. When I woke up I saw that the item was then SOLD!!! Thank god I didn't hit that send button.. BTW.. I can post his phn that he called from if that means anything.. I would personally break legs for something like this, its not fair to shell out $2500 for nothing!!! Sorry about your issue with this dude..
address to the name linked to the paypal address if anyone can help that would be nice--
Address 1:
1115 Marion St
Reading, PA 19604
Shoot...I just noticed the last name of the recipient Zambrono. I just sent $500 for a set of 2003 rear brakes through paypal as a gift and noticed that his account, abdesign996, is now in Guest / Invalid E-mail Address status on prime. He said he would ship it out Monday/Tuesday at the latest and I haven't heard anything from him since.

I sent paypal to the following:
Sent to:
Blanca Zambrano (The recipient of this payment is Verified)
Email: [email protected]

Apr 4, 2012
20:07:36 PDT

I always refrained from buying stuff through the FS section...now I won't again unless it is local and I can meet up with the buyer.
Sorry... but never use gift unless you personally know the person! With gift theres absolutely no buyer protection at all.
Yea I saw this post. Saw that he didn't have very many posts. Asked him for pics and he never sent any to me.
Wow you have me wondering what you bought. Is this the same guy: abdesign996

My brother sent money for fenders. I went to PM a status and it says email address invalid.

I noticed the email is the same. I talked to this guy also on the phone and have a phone number.
ok this really sucks to hear. I bought 02 valance from abdesign996 and used paypal with that name. The paypal acct was:[email protected] but the name was Stephany Zambrano.

I was also contacted by pm last nite by user sophis regarding brakes he bought from abdesign996 and is also feeling worried about getting scammed. The paypal acct he paid was [email protected] with the name Blanca Zambrano.

The info I have is: [email protected] 786.271.3455

I hope this helps somebody. I hate it when we get scammed. I was also interested in the 02 front so I hope this gets solved.

goodluck guys, Jason.
User abdesign996 just did the same thing to me for a black carpet kit. I sent $250 for a black carpet kit and the name is also Blanca zambrano and same deal. He requested it be a gift but I didn't do it that way. Now he's gone too:(
That sucks. The only thing I can find for the [email protected] e-mail address(user that posted it?) is a stupid video of some kid putting a condom on his head. The only Stephany Zambrano I see online is a video of some young girl singing. Can't match the yahoo address to it though so it might not be the same person. However I guess she could be the gf of jnsxf. Might be worth sending e-mail to the abuse departments of both yahoo and comcast stating that these e-mail addresses are being used for fraud purposes and send the link to this thread. In the case of comcast they could likely trace the e-mail address back to the user's comcast cable/internet account if law enforcement were to get involved.
The SOB probably has registered as a different user even here on Prime and has already listed something else for sale. Beware of brand new members posting stuff for sale..whether parts or the entire car.