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NSXPrime Memer problem!

Just more evidence that EDRNSX1 can't seem to get his story straight................in his first post in this thread, he stated that he told me to speciffically to send the wheels to his shop................NOT TRUE!) See the below email:

Re: wheels

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 8:21 PM

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Hey Dan, just got message. Whats up? It is WAY easier to email me, and ill call you back. This time of year im on the dyno all day long 18 hrs a day...

again, sorry if i sounded rough/rude, i was WAY burnt out on 80 hr weeks, and worried about our test coming up. Either addy works, my fiance will run home at lunch to get them if you send to house. Otherwise the shop is best. Up to you. Just let me know and the tracking numbers, thanks again.


304 NW Pacific Grove Drive
Beaverton, OR 97006
503.928.1265 cell

1319 NW Johnson St
Portland, OR 97209

Who cares dude. The fact is if you advertised rims in those sizes and didn't put out the product, then you're a beat seller. PERIOD. I saw the original advertisement and it said 18 fronts and 19 rears. Unless this guy switched out the rims for some odd reason you messed up.

Re: New NSX Owner in NC!

Seriously thou RSO since you already have an attitude against me, just short of me driving to your house and showing you, you'll never side with me/believe me...but ill go ahead and post up. I want OTHERS TO KNOW TO AVOID THIS GUY and HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF IN FUTURE.

As I mentioned in my first post, I pointed out my personal opinions about you so as not to be accused of taking sides with a "friend" and thereby giving a biased opinion. As had been my practice before "retiring" from Prime, my sense of ethics and responsibility to the NSX community is to step up and defend those I do not care for personally against someone who is trying to scam/misrepresent/or otherwise become involved in a "bad transaction".

I simply suggested that you post "proof" so as to make sure both sides provided sufficient information for the community to judge for themselves whether any future dealings should be had with one or both of you. It may not help you get your 19s but it will also allow others to see that you are not lying about what you received. Until I "encouraged" you to post the emails and other photos, it was simply a war of words with no proof.

Unfortunately in a moderated forum it takes a while to see posts and you did not see my earlier post confirming your photos were taken immediately upon receipt of the wheels, were taken with an Iphone as you said and I traced the GPS coordinates to your shop. Regardless of my opinion about you, I was on your side with that.

Your subsequent email posting about the timing of the initial complaint and the implied cooperation of the seller to see what could be done as a result has given more credibility to your argument. Scorp also posted an interesting thought about sizing of these wheels and I can still see as a possibility that the seller thought he had 19s but his supplier simply provided 18s. It is obvious that two boxes are bigger which would account for 10s versus 8s but as Scorp pointed out this could simply be a shipping error to the seller who owned his NSX for only a matter of weeks and may have thought he had 19s.

I would like to think this is just an innocent shipping error in the first instance by the vendor to Dgrayson and it was never noticed until you received the boxes. I would also like to think that Dgrayson would give you the courtesy of following up with his supplier to see whether there was such an innocent mistake so that all parties can make things right.

And, as an aside Eric, as you can see by me pointing out the inconsistencies with whether you actually opened all 4 boxes it is best to be up front since your explanation as to why you did not makes sense but you can lose credibility in the eyes of the popcorn munching Primers following along by being less than honest. Once again, my opinion of you does not come into play with my questions and your subsequent posts in response to my questions have shown to everyone that you did complain immediately and the photos do appear to show all 18s. Now you have a much more credible argument compared with how you started.
Sorry for posting, but the FACT is that the buyer have 18 rears in his hands... if the seller is firm in saying that 19 were shipped, there is a conflict of FACTS here... if someone is not lying, as i'm compelled to believe, then the seller can't be sure for REAL that he shipped 19's, because the buyer has 18 in his hands....

other than this, i find delivery addresses and time schedules of minor interest here.... wheels don't shrink themselfs from 19 to 18 regardless of time and place...