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Burst Coolant Pipe!!

16 December 2007
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Well while I was working on my car today I decided to leave it running for about an 45min as it hasnt been out in a month or so. Anyway it started first time no problem so I left it to run while I worked on my interior. About 45mins later I heard an almight bang and noticed steam rising from the rear. I immediately turned the car off open the rear hatch and had a look around. I then spied the pipe that burst which caused the problem. I'm just wondering has this happened to anyone before? the car has was running fine, no warning on the dash or anything, tempeature guage read spot on, just lucky I wasnt out driving it! Any reason as to why it would burst like that?
The pipe was also a pain in the ass to remove, had to remove all 3 pipes to get to the last one and the retaining clips are pretty difficult to work with but I got the damaged pipe off and going to order a new one, might just replace all three while I'm at it.

Here's some pics......



I ordered the 2 new pipes from Honda, Part Numbers:


Now what I do find strange is, there are actually three pipes there in a row, the two that I have ordered, which you can see removed in my pic, but if you look again you will see a third rubber pipe attached to the metal ones coming from the firewall. For some reason this pipe is not showing on Honda's parts system and it also not showing on the ACURAOEM parts system?? I would like to replace this one also seeing as the other 2 are being renewed. Anyone know what the part number is for the 3rd pipe?
Yeah I was lucky to be at home. I am replacing all the hoses, [as per this bulliten:http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Reference/tsb/92-030.htm] along with a few more as there not expensive and well worth doing at this point.
Just starting at the rear first as I've already taken them out. Then going to replace the centre and finally the front. I'm just stuck on finding that third rubber pipe between the firewall and engine??
I found the part number for the third pipe which is listed as


so thats all three main pipe in the engine bay now ordered and hopefully will get replaced this weekend.
Mine blew going up the hill, after turn 5, at Laguna Seca during NSXPO #3 (whatever year that was). Thankfully, D Hayashi had an extra hose with him - which saved the track event for me and my wife.

I still owe him for that hose. If someone has his contact info, PM me. :biggrin:
Any reason as to why it would burst like that?
Because it was old. It's a good idea to replace all the cooling system hoses (there are 22 of them) periodically. It's easy to keep track of it (and there are savings on coolant and labor) if you do it when you replace the timing belt and water pump, which you should be doing every 6-7 years or every 90-105K miles, whichever comes first.
Ah the "Dos Amigos", I had one of mine blow about a year ago. It was quit unnerving, but apparently it is quite common due to the heat cycles and age especially on those two hoses. I agree, those retaining clips were made by a very sadistic person.
BTW, that is a coolant hose, not a pipe. You had worried for a minute. If you pay attention to the posts on prime, you will find many threads advocating for the replacement of all 20, or so, hoses on older/higher mileage cars. Lucky you were at home when it happened and not out in the country.

What year/mileage ids your car?

Why were you idling you car for 45 minutes? :confused: