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buying a 91, tips? help?

25 August 2001
Rocklin, Ca, usa
Hey Everyone,

I'm kinda new to the nsx game. I've loved the car since 1990 and I finally find myself in the position to acquire one. I'm looking for a 1991 as a daily driver. I drive aprox. 40 to 50 miles a day and I'm going to be looking for an nsx with around 50k miles to start. I've read a lot about the car lately and from what I've heard, they're almost bullet proof. What sort of problems, if any, have any of you experienced with your cars? I'm on a very fixed budget and am stretching for the car to start with but I just gotta have one! Also I've read some conflicting prices for a 91. I drove one the other day at a dealer with 30k miles, decent condition (far from perfect though) and they were asking $38k. Mind you the car was equipped with comptech springs, struts, headers, and exhaust. Blue book on the car was shown to indicate a cost of $26k for a 60k mileage car. I can't find one at this price anywhere!! Is it realistic to expect to find a 91 with 50k to 70k miles for less than $27k?? Thanks for your help.
If you're stretching just to buy the car, you probably shouldn't do so. It is fairly expensive to run. And while the NSX is as reliable as any car on the road, it's not bulletproof. What are you going to do if the clutch needs replacement ($2K) or the air conditioner requires repair (as much as $2-5K)? Particularly if you're planning to put that many miles on the car, you're much better off buying a less expensive car if your finances are tight.

What sort of problems, if any, have any of you experienced with your cars?

You can read all about the various problems that can occur in the FAQ and in the article in Road & Track last June.

Is it realistic to expect to find a 91 with 50k to 70k miles for less than $27k??


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Funny you should mention the a/c Ken. It seems that a lot of us are having a/c problems with the vintage NSX. I just had 4k of work done on mine, and i'm still not finished. Are the newer models prone to the same problems or is it just the age that makes these problems surface?
On a related question, would an extended warranty be worth getting on early(91-93) cars just for the possible air conditioner issue alone? If an extended warranty is 2500, and it has taken steveny over 4 grand.. isnt it worth it?

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Fortunately I did get the extended warranty on my car. Believe me it has been worth it. I didn't think I would ever buy one either. They have covered a lot of parts that were very expensive. The price I paid for the warranty has already paid itself back and then some. The great thing about thee company I got it through was that if you don't use it they refund you what you paid at the end of the contract minus a 95 dollar admin. fee.