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Cabin temp sensor

12 December 2023
2 months with my 91 car and working through some issues, Intermitent radio died so took it out, found 2 leaking capacitors, had them replaced local but still not working. While taking the radio out, I thought I would clean out the cabin temp sensor as temperature control was very poor, but found no dust and no aspirator fan! While looking for a replacement (£120 from Japan) found a Land Rover part that looked the same, so bought one off eBay for £10. Connector is the same but wires going to different pins, so pins swapped out and all worked and abit of silicon grease silenced the fan. Now back to the radio... i cannot find a fuse diagram/key for the fuses LH footwell?
On the red banner across the top of the NSX Prime web page you will find a 'button' called NSX Prime Library. Click on it and with a little more clicking you will find a link to the 1991 service manual. Down load the .pdf because you will need it in the future. On page 23-49 you will find the fuse map for the dash (left footwell) fuse box. The diagram only gives you the fuse numbers. Starting on page 23-52 you will find a diagram that lists the fuse number and function of each fuse.
The Land Rover part is Denso 173000-0741. The fan and housing may be correct; but, the thermistor / RTD / whatever has the wrong characteristics and pin assignments. The terminal pin assignments are easy to fix and if you are skilled you can transplant the sensor. If it is just the fan assembly, there appear to be a whole bunch of these Denso assemblies that have the part number 173000-xxxx. Same fan assembly; but, probably a different thermistor and pin-out based upon the end application.
Can you share the land rover equiv part number for the cabin fan sensor?
Check this thread-I bought the similar part for the CRV, kept the thermistor and swapped out the fan. Not difficult, saved about $100.