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19 February 2001
Houston TX
I recently put ground control coilovers on my 91 NSX. It was too low to get aligned. I think the front was at -2.0 and the rear was at -3.0. I raised the car some and got the alignment in the front at -1.0 and the rear -2.0. This is within the tolerances allowed. I didn't want to raise it anymore because the cars height looked perfect! Has anyone used these alignment specs? If so, what kind of tire wear have you experienced? Are there any camber kits out there that I could use if I wanted to drop the car again? Presently I am using NITTO-555 tires with 18X8.5" in the front and 19X9.5" in the rear.
Got a pic with the drop? Id like to see how it looks?
I ran my car for a while with -2 in the rear and it was fine. One of the things you need to be careful of is bump steer (probably more in the rear). It can be dangerous at worst and annoying at best.

I wish there was a good camber kit for the car - please call Ground Control and pester them to make one. They are about the only company I have any faith in actually doing it.