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Cant decide... Older NSX vs. New Nsx Owner comparisons?

Give this a watch and pay close attention to the in-cabin footage. The new NSX is easier to drive fast compared to the original. Odds are the new one will be less engaging (especially at slower speeds) than the new one. Just my impression. Both are nice, just depends on what you want. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPQL4p8W_1w
Oh funny... I came here to post that video. The braking behavior is exactly my complaint on my Honda Clarity with the same type of BBW braking system as the NC1. For normal driving, say up to 7/10ths it's unnoticeable but at near dead stop or at the higher limits of performance driving, especially when the computer is deciding between regen or brake pads, it's a electronic delayed weird feeling, not in a good way. People who LOVE the NC1 probably don't encounter this often.. and to that I say.. awesome! Ignorance is bliss.

Watching DK drive his Type R makes me feel transported in his shoes and made me really want to drive mine. It's primal. Even if it's slower, there's nothing like driving that car at it's limits.
ok.. I'll jump in my my unpopular .02.... for that kind of dough.... c8 corvette convertible

near 100k for a 2000 ish nsx?

heaven knows I LOVE MY NSX.... but when your talking about 100,000? it's the vette..... and a motorcycle... and a snowmobile....
Soon as NC1 hits the 80k market Im in, love all the prospectives.