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Car Cover - Bug Splats Underneath ???

25 February 2000
Cincinnati, OH
When I cover my car after detailing it and I leave the cover on for more than 3 days I have a residue all over my car that looks like clear bug splats(Very Annoying). My NSX is black and I use Zymol wax. I have tried two different covers and the problem still occurs. Any suggestions ???
I am going to try using Gritos garage quick detailer before I cover to see how that works. It seems that right after I wax the car the "clear bug splats" lessen. I cover everywhere I go and drive the car every day. (BTW I use Mcguiars wax *NOT* Zymol)

I think the bug splats come from just that. Bug splats or the equivilant. The cover does a good job of shielding the car from the sun but filter all the fine fine dust onto your car. The dust sticks to the sitckey spots and creats those annoying little bits all over your car.

The quick detailer will help create a slick surface to which the dust will have a hard time adhearing to.

Also, washing your cover may help for a while and using a California car duster helps as well.

I have a black 91 so I feel your pain.
I have never had the specific problem you guys are describing but here is some generic advice:

Are you using a polish before the wax? If not, try that. If the polish doesn't do the trick try clay.
I you are using one of those car dusters that have a lot of oil imbedded in the dusting fabric...your cover may be picking up that oil and redepositing the oil on the car while the cover is installed.