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Car Shopping...suggestions?

26 August 2001
Virginia, USA
I'm currently in the market for a new car and plan to purchase within 1 year. Right now I'm looking at M3 Coupe, CL55 AMG, NSX Coupe, and Corvette Z06. I've test driven an associates M3 Coupe and CL600 Coupe (less sportier, more luxurious CL model) and I must say they were quite a ride. I have yet to test drive a NSX or Z06. My question is this, how is the Acura NSX for everyday use? I can guess that the M3 and CL55 AMG are better for everyday use but I'm looking at 75% performance 25% convenience in driving for my new car. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, if I choose to buy NSX should I wait for the next model to come out or what? Thanks!
I used my first NSX as my daily driver for 8 years. It had 88k miles on it before I stuffed it into a tree. It not only was great from a performance perspective, but it was (and still is, I replaced it with a new one) a terribly comfortable place to conduct business. For me, the NSX answers not only two of your needs, performance and reliability but additionally an exotic flare. Your other considerations are laudable autos, most of the people on this site will have strong feelings for one of them. Good luck, what is more fun than new car time?