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Caravan drive to Est Fest

30 December 2007
Richmond Hill, ON
Thought it would be timely to open up a Caravan thread so people can gather for a group drive up. I would suggest the service station along the 400 just north of Teston Road:

Service Station (with Tim's)
12001 Hwy 400 North
King City, Ontario

To minimize the impact of cottage traffic, our preference would be to gather at 1030am on Friday May 25 and depart by 11am. Understand many of us may not be available to depart that early, other time can be proposed. As organizers, a few of us will have to head up early and setup. This thread is to assist others who would like to gather and depart for a group drive.

Go ahead and respond, and advise what time you plan to leave and whether the suggested gather point is agreeable.
I believe John S, Bhash and Danny M are going up Hwy 12 across 169. All three are from the east end (Pickering, Whitby, Port Perry) so if anyone wants to joint them, do post here and suggest a meeting time. I believe their preference is to leave by 1030am.

Personally I am leaving Richmond Hill by 1030-11 also and would be prepare to meet for the group drive, assuming we have enough interest.

Summary of everyones estimated departure time:
Bram, 1130-12 from Hwy 400/Teston Road Tim's
Owen, 1130-12 from Hwy 400/Teston Road Tim's
Daria, 230 from Kleinberg
Bhash, 1030 from Whitby
Robert, 12pm from Hamilton area
John S, 1030 from Pickering
Danny M, 1030 from Port Perry
Neal W, Thursday am, Plymoth MI
Stephen, Friday am, PA
Rick S, 1130-12 from Hwy 400/Teston Road Tim's
John C, 3-4pm from Ottawa
Ed W, Friday afternoon from London Ontario
Henry, anytime from Hwy 400/Teston Road Tim's
Mike T, 11-12 from Hwy 400/Teston Road Tim's
Brad G, unknown
Jim E, unknown
Chris W, unknown

Post away guys!!
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still trying to work out leaving earlier but likely not going to be able to leave london until 230
Getting close!

@ bjmills - Brad, are you and "Player 2" still planning on arriving at Windermere Thursday? If so, any time estimate?

Anyone else there Thursday?

Neal, something came up, so Brad is not attending Est Fest this year.

Everyone else is coming up on Friday, so you can enjoy the Hot pool all by yourself...

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Neal, something came up, so Brad is not attending Est Fest this year.

Everyone else is coming up on Friday, so you can enjoy the Hot pool all by yourself...


HOT pool, my *ss :smile: Bram you know me better than that!

'Preciate your update, and bjmills + we'll miss you.

Friday PM you may find me shivering in Lake Rosseau. I'll tell the hotel staff you are the one that tips for all attendees :tongue:
For our Friday group caravan drive we have set the following time for gathering and departure. To minimize cottage traffic disruptions, please arrive on time for the drive:

Location: Service Station (Has a Tim's there) Parking Lot along North Bound Hwy 400 just north of Teston Road
Address: 12001 Hwy 400 North, King City, Ontario
Gathering time: 1030
Departure time: 1130

To those who own Cobra or Motorola GMRS/FRS radios, we encourage bringing them along for our group drives.

Please sign up if you decide to take part in the group drive.
ill be leaving London around 300 pm :frown: so save some food for Natash and I!!!:smile:
anybody else leaving later???
Take your time and drive carefully....You can text anyone of the Exe with your ETA, our contact info is on the package that was sent out, we can adjust our time departure if required.


All you long-timers making this drive, here's what I need.
We made NSXPO Toronto 2009. Two NSX's there, actually.

The NSXCC/CA decal for that - need two! Someone filched them or I cannot find them. Want to strap them on. Help me out, please? :redface:
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Neal, That is a rear item....We made just enough for the attendees at NSXPO in 2009...However you can have my sticker, as I will not put on my Car.

How about and NSXCC Club sticker?