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CDN s2000 or CDN 91/92 NSX

13 November 2001
I'm from Toronto Canada seeking your advice.
I'm considering 2 vehicles, an s2000 and a 91/92 NSX. Is it worth paying approximately $1200 per month including taxes for a 91 or 92 NSX with around 50 - 60, 000 Kilometres on it. I would be leasing to own with a down payment of $12K CDN. My concerns is paying that much for a 10 yr. old vehicle ? What would I be encountering with regards to maintenance ? Do you all do basic maintainenance of these fine machines yourselves ?

Thank you for your time,
Toronto, Canada
Regarding whether the NSX is right for you, you might want to look through some comments in previous topics here and here.

Answers to your questions about maintenance can be found in the costs and schedule sections of the FAQ, under the maintenance heading.

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Tell us more anbout the numbers as 1200/month
means nothing. What is the price of the 91/92 NSX? And what is the length of the lease and the residual?
I am guessing you are paying 70k for the NSX which is way too much.
Originally posted by rcarlos:
I am guessing you are paying 70k for the NSX which is way too much.
Don't forget, he is talking Canuck money here. Current exchange rate would put 70K at $43,900 US. Still more than I would pay for a 91!
Hey Simon, If you need some advice with regards to NSX local service shops and dealers, you can private me @ [email protected]. I'll certainly share my few years of experience (owning an NSX in Toronto) with you.
Last year, I even thought about trading my '92 for a new S2000 ... Changed my mind very quickly.
What differences are the Canadian NSX's vs. US NSX's? Badging? Honda's or Acura's? Color's? Must have more info!!!

Look here for a complete description of the differences. (Colors and Acura badging are identical.)

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