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Changed brake pads and...

22 March 2000
Planet Earth
the factory pads were cracked, glazed, and burned on the edges. There was still 50% of pad left. I have never seen a cracked brake pad before. The pads only had 9,700 mi and about 150 mi of track useage. I installed RM Racing pads so hopefully this will not happen again.
Hi Doctor,
My pads glazed regularly on my 300ZX, never cracked, but glazed. Every time I went up to the mountains (to our cabin) and I got a little carried away with my driving - just about every time - (Fiddletown Road in California) north of Jackson on a short curvy shortcut to 88, my brakes would smoke, and at the end of the summer I always had to have new pads because these were glazed. Don't worry about it, just install new pads and keep on NSXing.

I'm taking my NSX to the cabin soon - as soon as the snow clears, I'll report if my brake pads crack.
'99 NSX yellow, no new pads needed yet.
At the expense of making me sound like a totally ignorant idiot. I will ask this..Dont standard Factory type brake pads normally glaze and burn if they are overused when they are new? I've always been told to take it easy on new pads for 1000 miles or so..otherwise using them hard will make them glaze and crack..and they will lose their effectiveness..just figured I'd throw my two cents worth in...


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That is indeed true, but I purchased the car with 6,100 miles on it. Then again, I don't know how well the original pads were seated in. At least I know the new pads were correctly broken in by myself. I'll just have to wait and see at my next track event.