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Chasing strange whine

Maybe a gently used Accord Crosstour? Those are supposedly great wagons that never caught on in the states...

I briefly considered that. Because of the styling the 'flat' portion of the roof line on the Crosstour is very short meaning that the roof rack cross bars are very close together. OK for carrying skis. Not so OK when you have 7 ft of unsupported kayak drooping over the front and the back. The Toyota Venza was a better candidate; but, it is getting kind of tall and being an Old Guy the whole business of lifting 70 lb things up high is less appealing. I currently have a 2003 Pilot and when the rack is mounted on the factory rails its high enough that I need a step ladder to tie up the kayak. I ripped myself a hernia doing the lift and twist limbo loading the kayak 2 years ago so we are not doing that again!

But, we are getting off-topic.
My middle name....:tongue:

docofftopic john or docdigress john???? I think docdigreess john rolls off the tongue better. If you say docofftopic quickly it sounds like a condition or perhaps an adjective or adverb. Oops, maybe I have become docofftopic.
HaHa its contagious....:biggrin: