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Cheap Fire Extinguisher.

24 March 2001
Neenah, Wi
Finally picked one up at Advanced Auto. APC brand $49.95 comes with it's own mounting bracket and fits great on the Dali Bar. All you need to do is wrap the Bar with something soft and use three zip ties to secure the holder in place.
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Aren't halons just for aircraft use now?

If anyone knows where to pick one up online, I'd definitely check it out based on this thread. BBQ'd NSX is BAD.
Anyone know anything about Aero K fire extinguisher? After reading that the powder stuff eats your car & Halon is no longer in production but still available (for a price), I would like to get something safe & effective. Sorry to hijack your thread.
Froogle'd source ($120-$150 for something decent):

The device doesn't know if it is inside an airplane or not....not illegal to posses or purchase...you do the math.

So for an extra $100 you get an extinguisher that will not destroy your car, which was the point of putting the fire out in the first place.

Otherwise you're just trading one woe for another. AND causing a big expensive mess for yourself to clean up...letting it burn would just cause a big mess for the insurance company.

I suppose it depends on how much your value your time/money and how lucky you think you are...

/On a side note: I'm convinced that many NSX engine fires are caused by leaves dropping into the rear hatch vent, down inbetween the rear cylinder bank and intake manifold. When I got my NSX (used) there was a handful of extremely dry leaves down in there....very difficult to spot if you're not looking for it.