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Check engine error code # 2!!

3 November 2004
Hi guys,

Recently, I got an engine error code of 42 (Rear Oxygen Sensor Heater) appears on my "engine check" indicator, however, I got it replaced and the "engine check" indicator light off.

But, whenever i hit the gas hard and with full throttle opened for awhile, the engine check indicator lights on. Then, I did the self-diagnostic procedures and now the error code read number 2. Which according to the service manual, it interpret that is the error code for Rear Oxygen Sensor.

Anyone has any idea of why is this problem happening to me ? I have replaced a new O2 sensor and by right the problem shall have gone away. FYI, I did reset my ECU, in order to clear off the error code in the memory, after when I had my old rear o2 sensor replaced. Also, the engine check indicator light will not on whenever I start my car. It will usually lights on when I drive my car with Wide open throttle.

However, the engine light indicator will not light on when I turn off the engine and restart it again. But, the error code will still appear number 2, when I do the "self-test", eventhough the engine check indicator light does not light on when I start my engine.

Anyone in prime has ever encounter this kind of problem? and would you mind to share me your remedy for this kind of problem? Many thanks in advance for any replies.

The rear o2 heater error was most likelly a bad sensor which you replaced. Now that you getting a 2 and have a new sensor you may have a fuel delivery problem. The first thing to do is replace the fuel filter.