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Checking oil procedure

10 January 2012
Northern VA
I went through the ludicrous check oil level procedure yesterday and the dip stick showed below the lower mark so I added 16 ounces. Out of curiosity does anyone know how much oil to add to go from the low mark to the high mark?
When I rechecked it was halfway up so dot to dot is a quart.
Curious, how many miles had elapsed from the last oil change when you checked the level? I have never tried checking the oil as it seems like a laborious procedure. I will give it a try, before my yearly change.
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Not sure, I purchased it from a dealer with no data regarding the last oil change.
Next time you are near a dealer, the Service Mgr can run a history for you. How many miles?
I just went through the process where you run at temperature and then idle. When I checked my oil level was above the second dot. I am approaching one year since my last change and probably 2000 miles. My oil life still shows 80%. The oil has always been changed at the dealer. With nearly 12,000 miles on the car and an in service date of May 2018 I have had the oil changed 4 or 5 times now.
I have about 5800 on it
It is hard to tell whether your car has consumed oil, given we do not know at this time when the last oil change occurred, or who performed the change. Given your car is a 2020 I suspect that the dealer who first sold the car at least performed a new car prep and review. So the car could be 3 years old. Perhaps it has never had a change? Once you ask the service department at your local dealership you will have a better understanding.

May I recommend that you take a sample of the oil while it is being changed and send it off for analysis. It only costs around $30 and that includes shipping. This way you will have a better sense of what is going on. https://www.blackstone-labs.com/tests/standard-analysis/

Back when I was active as a consultant, I would teach companies how to use predictive maintenance rather than preventative maintenance as a way of insuring that what ever maintenance they were doing that it was valid and beneficial. The idea was to minimize the time your equipment was off line. Obviously our cars do no provide an income in that same way and changing the oil is relatively inexpensive. I still think we can gain an understanding of our particular vehicle. Plus’s your car is in warranty. So developing a history will help in the future. Honda like other manufactures has a rather broad view of excessive oil consumption. It is ok to consume a quart of oil every 1000 miles. That seems to be the standard in the auto industry. Let us know what you learn.