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Chk. Engine LIght turned on, and rev-limiter at 7kRPm?

1 February 2002
San Dimas, CA
While driving today,noticed chk.eng light came on. DIdnt think anything of it, until i did my normal run into open traffic and driving by ear...hit the limiter and knew I wasnt at 8k since it came too fast...

Comes out the car would now cut the rpm at 7k. Just like it would in normal operations at a little over 8k. Pulled over turned the car off then on, eng. light now off, and would run to redline...

Drove it hard for spurts another 30 miles, no problems, anyone know if I tripped something or what this is?

Get the code. Could be a temp sensor. Temp too high is one thing that limits the revs.

Had the engine sufficiently warmed up when the rev limiter cut it at 7K RPM? It normally limits it at 7K RPM if you try revving that high before it has had a chance to warm up. If so, it's possible that had nothing to do with your MIL.
Engine was warm for sure, car was on for at least an hour of city and highway driving. I'm pretty sure my Vehicle Speed Sensor is messed up since the mph needle bounces up and down when I floor it, but its been like this for a while, and never had this problem.

I did notice I think that the needle was at 0mph for a while when this was happening.