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Clay Regazzoni NSX video

12 August 2004
Orange County, CA
Pretty cool how Honda modified this NSX so he could drive it! He looks so thrilled :smile: Click on the link below for the full video:

Do you have a Honda?


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Zanardi also started racing after his incident of losing both of his legs with similar devices.
I got a Japanese Honda magazine and they modified an odyssey for someone with no arms, make it easy for him to lock/unlock the car, open the door with his foot... and steering with his foot... really opened my eyes.
Has anyone saved a copy they can re-post of the promo video please? The original link is no longer active

Thanx in advance
The Video is on Youtube. Just do a search. If you have QT Pro software, you can download it from Honda's website.

Not the world.honda website but Honda.co.jp and do a search under NSX.