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Climate control blower motor works only at max speed

8 January 2005
Hi all, after the long winter when i decide to wake up my NSX from long and deeply dream i have a problem with the climate control. The blower motor works only at maximum speed. I've checked up everything from the service manual and still nothing. I think that the problem is climate control unit. If anybody knows the solution for this problem please help. THANKS IN ADVANCE...
Re: Help, please

You need to replace your power transistor. Try searching for that, and I think you'll find the info you need.
Re: Help, please

You can check the resistor for the blower motor as rbirling suggests, but my money would be on the climate control board. This is becoming very common for the NSX, the capacitors on the cc board "bleed out" and you get the dreaded fan only works on high symptom.

Fortunately, the fix isn't terribly hard nor expensive. Prime member Briank has done plenty of these and should be able to help you.

good luck
Re: Help, please

I have to disagree. Only blowing on high is THE symptom of the blower motor TRANSistor. (Caps for emphasis, I'm not yelling :biggrin: ) There is a Honda TSB about this. They recommend replacing the transistor and the blower motor. At least in the older cars, the motor gets full of dust and filings, which causes high load, and blows the transistor. On my car, I removed the motor, took it apart, and cleaned out a handful of gunk, and it's been working happily ever since. Fortunately, I didn't actually blow the transistor. Hope this helps, I just wanted to be clear. :smile:
I'll buy you a beer if it is. :smile: Then I was wrong, and I learned something....
I've had the bad control board before, too. :eek:

Have you seen one that did this and was the board? I vaguely remember that. Uh Oh. :confused:

Briank said:
My vote is for a bad control board. :smile:
Can I get a beer too? I agree with Brian--my bet is the board. I've had both the board and later the power transistor, but pretty sure the board goes bad much more often--even though there was a TSB on the power transistor. If you have a volt meter, you can test (as suggested in the manual) by adjusting the fan speed switch and see if the voltage to the power transistor changes--or, pull the board and see all the corrosion and stains on the bad capacitors that are most likely all over the board!
Thanks for the advices guys. BrianK and rbirling were right, the problem was in the control unit with the capacitors. I replace the old capacitors with new and no problem, climate control works perfect. If anybody have the same problem the solution was in the climate control with the capacitors definitive. THANKS AGAIN.....
Its true my mistake, if i could i would buy you a beer not one but ten for each of you, i hope you will get your beer from rbiling :smile:
Brian's the man. Great customer service and honesty. He worked with me several times on a unique problem I had and fixed it. I wouldn't go with anyone else. :smile:
Joe Gliksman said:
Acutally, it was BrianK and JoeG that were right, and rbirling owes us a beer!
Hlweyl the monkey, always overlooked. Story of my life, always the bridesmaid, never the bride. :biggrin:

Just kidding, glad you got her working again Darko.