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Clip repair

18 August 2023
What can I use to glue this steel retainer clip back on the bottom of the plastic air vent?


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Will ABS cement join metal?

What was it originally? A rivet? Could it be re-riveted? Can you post a pic of where it attaches?
Here are a few pictures were the clip attaches


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I went with spoolinfool suggestion, super glue. Hopefully, it'll hold. I don't think there's that much pressure on these clips once installed.

If it doesn't work out I'll try the J-B Weld
As for the ABS cement, I would just put a generous blob over a roughened surface to hold it all down.

I would consider repairing that with a precisely drilled pop rivet. I recommend a drill press and a jig to make the hole and a thin washer on the other side to prevent the plastic body from shattering.
The clip was attached by the factory with an abs locator tab casted into the part. The tab gets heated and acts like a rivet. The only problem is it doesnt handle vibration well and most nsx will have 1 side missing . Aged abs is really brittle so adding another rivet may spider crack it more which is why I chose to use super glue.The super glue is a clean way to attach it without using messy expoxy or drilling of any sort.