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Clutch Recommendations

6 April 2002
Wrightsville, Pa
Well, my car should be out of the shop in a week or two with the engine rebuild. I want to install a new clutch as my ACT stage II won't be able to handle the power. It should be running around 700 RWHP and around 650 ft/lbs tq. I do drive it on the street quite a bit so I don't want a full out race clutch but something that can handle the power. What is the best clutch for my application? Thanks

We have been using a carbonetic clutch on our big power stuff. It is a triple carbon disk that has a nice engagement and stock like peddle feel. I would stay away from that Exedy as I have done them in the past. The clutch is very hard to drive, Its either engaged or not so you either stall the car or do burn outs when you take off. Tough to drive. If you are interested in getting one of these clutches give us a call at the shop.
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We would also recco the Exedy twin carbon clutch. Once you get used to the engagement, the stock like pedal pressure, light weight, and capability to handle the power you are looking for, and price its tough to beat. We put over a season of hard road course miles and over 15k miles on the street without any issues. Hope this helps!