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Looking for better Clutch

8 March 2006
Huntsville, AL
My 97 is running a Turbo (installed almost 10 years ago) and its putting out around 475 HP and 365 foot pounds of torque. Last year SPEC built a custom twin clutch for me and apart from the loud chatering at idle it worked well until yesterday- while diagnosing a TPS problem the clutch stoped shifting - it was like I had no clutch

I do not want to go back to SPEC who did the installation - but I want a clutch that does not rattle (if there is such a thing) - I worry a little that parts will be missing for a new install as the SPEC tech told me they had to modify things from pull to push or push to pull to get their duel clutch system to work- from looking at threads it seems that the SOS 350 may be a good fit - any thoughts would be welcome

I think a lot of members move to an SOS clutch and are pretty happy with them generally. They had some early issues with springs I think, so you might see some older topics where the reception is mixed but from what I can tell that's been resolved. I don't know about about noise with the SOS though.
I would spend some time searching the site with clutch/ turbo in the queries..
Thank you for that helpful advice- I have searched extensively and wanted to see if there were additional comments before I spent another 2k on parts -
sometimes its a leap of faith....I'm sure there are always opinions on the FB groups..
I have no idea what you are talking about

thanks anyway
Modifying your car from stock can have different outcomes and not everyone has the same experience with the same mods...so sometimes you just have to take your best shot after doing your research. The FB groups get a lot of eyeballs ...
Thanks- I will talk with SOS tomorrow - I’m right on the edge between the 350 and the 500 but given my low per year mileage and the fact that sos states that their clutch’s can withstand additional torque for the majority of their life I may go with the more drivable solution.

The only reason I went from the greddy duel clutch to the SPEC was the rattling of the plates at idle - it seems that that is a given with duel plates and a strong single is what I need.
SPEC clutches are garbage and there CS is almost as bad.

I have the 350 in my car and it drives just like stock the NSX has such light peddle pressure I would go for the 500 in your situation I hear it’s not much of an increase over stock.

My dads car came with overly aggressive clutch I think it’s an Exedy it’s hard to drive I really don’t like it at all. It’s definitely overkill for a CT SC he runs on it. I been trying to get him to let me replace it with the SOS 500 or even the 350 but he don’t want to replace a perfectly good clutch.
Have you considered the Exedy or ATS Twin-Carbon? Both are well reviewed for high-hp turbo NSXs. Also, ATS Single carbon will easily handle your torque output and is pretty easy to drive.
I drove a ATS the other day that was rated for 800 HP and I was very impressed with the drive ability. It did rattle only when the clutch is depressed but it wasn't annoying. Another option is the Exedy twin organic which is very easy to live with and there is no noise when its depressed.
The rattle drives me nuts - everyone thinks my exhaust is loose!
I am sure the failure is the master/slave cylinder so I have ordered new Honda parts- but I think I will put in the SOS 500

i make well over 600 rwhp with the SOS twin turbo setup. I'm running the SOS clutch and it's nothing short of awesome. I've had twin disk carbon clutches and it was like an on/off switch. The SOS one i'm running (i think it's the highest rated one they make) feels like and engages like stock.
I went through all the $$$ ones and settled.on Clutchmaster 350. It had the best stop and go drivability.
Thanks - that was on my list but went with the SOS

My AEM is finally up and running and the SPEC clutch completely failed on the second dyno pull so the SOS is going in