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Clutch Replacement Advice for 1999 NSX

16 August 2004
San Diego
My current clutch (OEM) is slipping out of gear on the freeway so it's time to replace it. :frown: I've got 60K miles on my car and spend most of those miles cruising on the street/freeway which is sometimes gridlocked here in CA. Therefore, I really don't want a stiff clutch with a lot of petal pressure. I also plan on supercharging my car after about another 40K miles.

1. Should I replace the clutch with:
(a) another OEM clutch
(b) aftermarket clutch
(c) replace with OEM clutch now and then switch to aftermarket clutch once supercharged

2. Which aftermarket clutch would work best for the type of driving described above without supercharger?

**Also, please let me know what year car you have when you reply. Because the 91-96 OEM clutches are different than the 97+, I would like to know how those with 97+ cars feel about their aftermarket clutches vs. OEM.

Thanks for the help...in advance!!!
I have a 92 that is Comptech SC and has a Comptech clutch. The Comptech clutch is a "bit" stiffer but has no problem with the increased HP and my driving.

You mentioned your clutch slipping and used the term out of gear, could you provide more information on exactly what is taking place?
Yes. When I'm driving on the freeway and I step on the gas hard (not all the time, but sometimes) the engine revs up, the tach starts climbing, but no power is transferred to the ground. Then when I slow down the car I can smell the awful smell of burnt clutch. This mostly happens in 6th gear, but has happened in others also. The clutch also slips (engine revving, low power transfer) sometimes when I try to accelerate hard from a stop.
zahntech said:
The clutch is just slipping, the trans is still "in gear"..JZ

Exactly. It usually happens when I'm already in gear for awhile (like on freeway) and then try to speed up. The transmission stays in gear, the clutch slips. After I notice it happening I usually shift into a different gear or push down the clutch and re-release it into the same gear.
yeah,I get this all the time but usualy people ask for a tune up because the car is "loosing power" then they findout that a tune up won't help :frown: time for new clutch, go see jerry at Greenlight honda/acura svc he can surely get you back in shape with a stock or proformance clutch.. :smile:
How much do new clutches normally run?? Parts vs labor? Anything a part time home mechanic can tackle on a weekend?
Clutches on NSXs cost around 1k give or take, removing the trans on an NSX is not easy as compaired to say a Honda civic I can to a clutch in a civic in 35mins but an NSX takes much longer and I have been doing clutches on japanese cars for years, I would not recomend that a casual self wrencher type attempt a clutch on this car..just my 2 cents..JZ
Nick at Applied Motorsports in Oceanside can help you out. He's one of the best NSX techs in the country (he apprenticed for a couple of years under Mark Basch) and specializes in the NSX. Highly recommended.
Still seeking advice related to the original question! Thanks for all of the responses thus far. NSX Prime is the BEST!!!
Unfortunately you cannot purchase a 1997+ clutch for $1K. Sure wish you could:). The flywheel is a dualmass flywheel, it cannot be resurfaced, so replacement is the only option for the OEM setup. The flywheel alone is just a tick over $2000 list. I would figure $3500 to replace it with a new OEM setup.

Choices are limited for this replacement:

Comptech PGII (mentioned above)
RPS Clutch

There are a few others, but I think these are the ones that are "streetable". I know there is various Clutchmasters setups, but I think these are not applicacable for 1997 on.


The other option although expensiveis the updfate the trans with an NSX-R mainshaft to accept the dual plate clutchs(pre1997), then your clutch choices are endless.
Oh shoot yeah I didnt notice your car was that new, yeah larry is on the ball costs more when you have one of thoes "new" cars :wink:
I spoke with Jerry from Greenlight Honda and he's going to put in the Comptech PowerGrip Stage 1 clutch for me. Does anyone have any feedback on this clutch for 97+ NSX applications. I did a search of the forums, but didn't find much. Thanks.
Or maybe I'm buying the RPS clutch if Chris at SOS can get it out to SD in time! He made a strong sale that it's a better engineered product which is why I bought my NSX in the first place! I'll keep everyone posted.
surferX said:
Or maybe I'm buying the RPS clutch if Chris at SOS can get it out to SD in time! He made a strong sale that it's a better engineered product which is why I bought my NSX in the first place! I'll keep everyone posted.

I took his advice and love my RPS! Check your PM
JOhn :biggrin:
I decided on purchasing the RPS clutch after a lengthy phone conversation with Chris at SOS and after my phone conversation with Anytime (post purchase), I'm sure I've made the right move. It will be installed next week at Greenlight Honda in San Diego. I'll send out an update once I get it installed! Thanks for all of your feedback.
Follow this link here for follow on thread of the clutch install and driving impressions.
I'm in the same situation since I am looking for a clutch for a 6spd. transmission that is going into my '91 NSX.

With regards to the RPS clutch, I'm concerned about it overstressing the OEM master & slave cylinders. Has this been resolved for NSX? This appears to be happening here.

I'm mainly concerned because I went through a period of running an early RPS on my 300ZX that blew out 1 master cylinder and 2 slave cylinders. RPS then shipped out a slave cylinder from a Nissan truck to take care of the problem. Then my clutch line blew a hole in it and I had to replace with a SS clutch line. RPS then changed the design of the 300ZXTT clutch. After replacing it with the new design, I have had no issues. Also the pedal feel on the redesigned model was much, much nicer! I just do not want to go through this process with the NSX.