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Colorado Fires

13 February 2008
Pennington, NJ
Wishing everyone who is in or near the Fire Zone stays safe. It seems that a few members are close to the fires and some have already been evacuated. Good luck to everyone!
I live in the North East part of Co Springs. I have a pretty clear view from my backyard of some of the flames in the distance, as well as the occasional water drop. However visibility and air quality have gone down the drain the last two days. Some of the press conferences make it sound like the fire dept will make a little stand in part of the Air Force Academy which has had some partial evacuations, along with other strategic locations. However the weather is the big question mark over the next couple days, so if the firemen are in one area and mother nature says I'm going to give you wind gusts in another area....then all bets might be off.

Stay safe and best wishes to anyone affected on the West Side of the I-25 freeway.
Our prayers are with everyone in Colorado. Colorado Springs and Manitou have a special place in my heart. My grandmother lived there for many years and had a restaurant in Manitou Springs. I've spent a lot of time there in the '60s!.

Seeing the fires so close to Green Mt Falls etc,,, just makes me sick.

Hope everyone is safe and stays safe, we're thinking of you
*Update* It's 9:30 pm and the winds so far have not repeated the eastward gusts like yesterday. So the good news, for now, the East side off the I-25 seems safe. I only see one small spot of flames in the distant hills as opposed to the chaos the last two days. The bad news, the wind has pushed the fire north and west. So the folks in Manitou Springs and Woodland Park aren't out of the woods yet. Meanwhile northward is pretty rural so other than smoke blowing any potential damage should be minimal. This is a fire that follows the wind, as long as the winds don't get too crazy again and don't shift back towards town, things are looking up.
Hey NSXRunner thanks for the update. I heard that some rain was falling/had falling. Hopefully without any lightning strikes. Keep us posted and we're all thinking of you and the others out in the area.
My folks have a place in Woodland Park, they went by there yesterday to pick up some things that can't be replaced and kiss it goodbye. Woodland Park isn't getting the fire crew attention probably due to it's lower population density.

The fire was on the other side of a ridge from the house... Not good.