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complete heater blower box, motor, etc..

9 April 2002
New Zealand, North Island
Need the entire black box HVAC assembly that bolts in under the hood/bonnet.

I am building a test harness for CCU's. The housing can be cracked or missing bits, but I need all the electric bits...so a collision victim should be OK.

I have a US address.

(I do not need the HVAC white assembly that is under the dash).
I got that black box with the motor. Only a 11000km from new. Came from a front crashed NA1 MT EUDM.

I`m not sure, but a little piece might be broken on the top. If you dont care, just let me know =)
still looking ... RHD or LHD, doesn't matter. I have a US address too.

(hopefully, [MENTION=27406]Gordon[/MENTION]_S is ok, never responded)