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comptech pg1 vs sos 275

23 April 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Hey forum, I require a new clutch for my 91 nsx, just wondering whats the better option here, shipping to aus of the sos clutch is slightly more exp so it brings there prices to almost exactly the same, just wondering if I could get some opinions on each.

I just want a good clutch that isnt noisy and not to much stiffer than oem.

yes I have a pg1 and it is about twice the peddle effort of stock...I hear the sos sport clutch is close to oem.The pg1 also has a light flywheel which makes things a little more "exotic":wink:
I have the SOS and have no complaints. It also comes with a lightened flywheel. Pedal pressure is slightly more than stock, but you get used to it within a couple of days.
Both are good clutches.

The ScienceofSpeed Sport 275 Clutch & Flywheel sounds like it will better match your needs (the pedal effort is the same as factory) and is significantly less expensive.

-- Chris
All said above is true. I have installed many of each and both are great products, PG1 is stiffer for sure.

One question, I do not want to assume:

Is the car stock? Mod list? HP? These things should be considered to make the best recommendation.