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Control module?

29 September 2004
Had my car running 2 weeks ago, (year 93) tried starting today, everything was dead. charged the battery, tried starting, turns over but doesn't start. Making a strange electric buzz (loud) from around the throttle body, Any suggestions
Wiggle the key around with the ignition on and see if you can get the lights to flicker. If you can I would swap out the ignition switch. If the car is constantly turning over with no start, my guess is you're not getting fuel in which case I would start with the fuel main relay behind the passenger's seat.

good luck
update: Took the car off trickle charge. Started right up, no unusual noises. It did flash the tcs light briefly though, mean anything?
batteries are clean, flashes the tcs light once in a while, can't find the tread regarding the relay fix, any help would be great