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Converting to Throttle cable VS TBW

10 November 2003
Does anyone know how hard it is to convert a TBW to a throttle cable setup?
I have a Whipple SC set up and an after market computer.
Speaking from No experience These are some of the issues that I would think you would come across.

Attaching the Pedal to the cable, Running the cable, Connecting it to the TB, reworking the computer program to work with Mas Air Flow instead of throttle input, and if you used throttle input, you would have to somehow have the TBW and the Cable synced together to get the desired result. I also Know that VTEC and other computer regulated engine functions are controled via throttle inputs and that would have to converted over or manipulated some how.

But Im just thinking out loud, I have no idea what it would take in the real world.
Ask Mase at Stage 6 Motorsports, I think he was doing that to his own TBW car. His number is (904) 535-6831 or [email protected]