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Coolant Expansion Tank question

18 February 2008
Lewisville TX
When I look at the coolant level in the expansion tank it seems to not have any in it. I took the cap off and look in and found that it had coolant in it, but I could not see it from looking at the tank, do the tanks turn opaque white over time not allowing one to see the contents, or is there a trick to checking the level that I am not aware of? I searched the forums and coud not find any information.
Shine a flashlight from the top of the tank downward through it. You should be able to see the level its at from the side of the tank. I wish the tank was designed a little bit better as far as eyeing the coolant level as well...
I think they do get less clear over time. Also look for leaks. My 91 was leaking just enough that I could smell it.

Any 91 is probably due for new coolant hoses front to back.
I also have a 91' and my tank started cracking and leaking. This is a very simple and rather inexpensive part to put it. Yes, getting the coolant flushed and having new hoses installed will need to be done. This isn't that cheap.

Get the tank online from DelRay Acura. They have good prices and ship right away.
i'm looking to buy a new coolant tank
and i dont think delray sells them anymore
Sure they do. It's shown as item number 3, part number 19101-PR7-A02, on their website; just click on the photo below. $112.10 list, $89.68 from Delray. The part number is the same for all NSX years, 1991-2005, although the diagram below is for the 1991.

Hey guys,

I just changed my coolant tank for the Dali one and somehow I lost hose #6, the one that connects to the side of the cap. My question is where does that hose connect to? I'm wondering if it could have fallen somewhere, and if it's safe to drive it to the dealership without it connected if I must buy a new one.

Thanks Briank,

It never occurred to me that one hose might not me connected to anything hence it being lost in the engine bay when I pulled the old tank out.