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Covid Vaccine

Now that we are back, my wife was feeling crappy last week, and tested positive.
3 weeks ago our kids were in a summer camp and like 6 of the 8 kids that carpooled ended up catching it. My daughters didn’t, although one had about 1/2 day of not feeling well but was 100% the next day.
Crazy times.
Had 4 vaccinations, covid finally caught up with me this past weekend after air travel. On paxlovid now. My mouth tastes like a sewage plant as a side effect but it knocked out all my symptoms in under 24 hours.
When I got covid I lost my smell for about 6 months or even longer. That was hard :(
since this got bumped
I did get a 2-3 month increase in PVC that went away on its own..that was about 3 months after my first moderna booster. Cardiac workup was normal...tough call..
I've gotten 4 and no issues, as did my wife, mom, dad, sister, brother. I did get covid on a flight down to FL to see the 24h of Sebring but just had one day of chills and no other symptoms. For unrelated reasons I recently had a chest xray and ekg and both were clear/normal.

There is another booster available and as long as insurance is covering it I'll probably get it again. A close friend just came down with covid this week (I guess were in a small spike in Aug), and he was down for the count for a few days. He got 4 shots but no recent booster.
Pfizer series, then bivalent booster when it first came out. Nothing since. I developed peripheral neuropathy interestingly a couple months before covid hit the news. One suspicious illness during which I didn’t get tested. One close exposure and tested neg. Enough kids back to school virions and allergy/incidental crap to amply fuel conspiracy theories. Felt a bit bullet proof after 2022 flu/bivalent as I have asthma and heart disease. To beat a dead horse, economic harm and erosion of public trust outweigh direct virus impact to date. Plan to vote for whomever brands the misinformation to my liking ;)