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crossover placement...?

11 August 2005
Lake Worth, FL
I just saw a sweet NSX... components in front and a sub in the footwell..

he had the amp in the trunk in a show case with neon etc... what was weird was that the two crossovers for the components were in the trunk too, i guess for show purposes.

that means that he had to run TWO sets of wire to each door, one for the mid and one for the tweeter. does this affect sound at all versus putting the crossover in the door too and just having "short" wires in the door to the mid and tweeter?
I'm fairly sure it works OK like that .....

(click on thumbnail)

In my case, I actually have a separate channel from the amp to individual cross-overs for each component i.e. 4 amp channels @125W apiece into each mid & tweeter. (plus separate sub amp)
menuserve said:
its hard to see in that picture .....
Did you click on the thumbnail for full size pic?
Also check out my gallery & you'll see some more pics of various stages on the install with the sub-floor removed etc.

menuserve said:
....but it looks like you have a raised floor with the amp underneath? is that the case?
Yes - that is the 4-CH amp for the components; there is also a second amp driving the sub behind the vertical panel on the firewall.

menuserve said:
...if so how much trunk space did you actually lose?
Not much at all really - only about an inch on the depth. The floor is 1/2" MDF and sits on some 1/2" spacers. The primary amp is in the toolwell space. It's actually probably only about 1/2" net because the original carpet & padding probably took up about 1/2".
Other than depth, I suppose I lost a little where the C/O's are and where the sub-amp is mounted, but overall still very usable space left - I'm sure it would still take a set of golf clubs - assuming I ever had such reason to put any in there!