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Custom Machined Billet s2000 OEM wheel adapter to fit on NSX for a face-lifted look!

15 October 2003
West coast!
Many of us love our NSX's but want an alternative solution for steering wheels. Not that there's anything wrong with the OEM NSX wheel which we already make many cool flat bottom CF versions however if you want to stand out, many have tried to fit the Honda s2000 OEM steering wheel on their NSX.

The entire process has been documented by other members here:


What we are now offering is a turn-key package that provides to you:

a) Machined Adapter to fit s2000 wheel
b) Short Hub from NRG that bolts to the factory spline
c) Honda s2000 OEM wheels upgraded with carbon fiber, suede, leather

So this would be a package deal for 3 items at a one stop shop :)

The pricing for items (a) and (b) are fixed, but depending on what option you pick for item (c) the cost will vary slightly. PM us for pricing quote based on what you select!

Please see photos below and let us know if any questions! We have very limited quantities of these so if you want to get one please give us a shout. Lead times will be very long once these are sold out.

Final installed product with our carbon fiber s2000 steering wheel:

here's the adapters and what they look like:

On the actual s2000 steering wheel:

Some more s2000 leather wheel choices:

- - - Updated - - -

s2000 wheel looks so sexy in suede!:

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here's a recent s2000 wheel we completed in a thicker grip (non-sport OEM grip) finish. The added 3mm thickness feels really nice and the flat bottom gives more leg room and a more aggressive look.

We offer a full turn-key package now that will include both adapters needed and the Honda AP1 dual stage airbag needed for the installation into the NSX!

Please PM any questions :)

We currently have the s2000 aP1 airbag in stock for a complete turn-key setup:

- s2000 steering wheel
- Machined hub adapter
- NRG Short hub
- s2000 OEM airbag
- s2000 cruise control

let me know if you have any questions!

here's another sample s2000 custom wheel we finished building that can be used on the NSX:

We still have a few of the billet s2000 adapters left in stock!

Some more wheels we recently completed to give you ideas, we have s2000 airbags and all the other parts you will need to complete the install including the cruise control.

PM' with any questions as usual!

The s2000 wheels do need to be slightly modified by enlarging the holes in the wheel to fit the adapter. This is needed to ensure the bolts line up the adapter. From the factory Honda s2000 wheels have a slightly tapered hole. We need to enlarge these holes slowly with a drill bit to ensure fitment since the holes were never meant to be used in this way from Honda as the s2000 wheel is mounted with a spline and nut assembly.

The side of the adaptor looking at a side view shows two pegs protruding out that mates with the factory wheel. The 4 smaller posts will match the remaining holes on the for an integrated fitment. This helps spread the load evenly. When properly mated together the adapter should fit flush with the spline of the steering wheel.

We have a few sitting here so if you guys need more photos please ask!

A question Rick, how does the oem S2000 wheel look bolted to the Nsx dash from side profile? Does it blend in well with the steering column?