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D2 coilover

12 March 2008
After LeMans i can tell you that are realy god comprimise for track and street
i need still some adjustement but i can advice this kind of suspension to everybody that looking for a setup track/street

Also if i read a lot of negative comment the coilovers work great i realy try hard in lemans and the always respond very well

So if sombody speaked bad about d2 or he never try or beacause want something hard setup

I have also Typer chassis upgrade in front

Spring setup are 9.7 kg/mm in front and 12,1 kg/mm in rear

5 click from all to close the rebound

The only thing that i want to try its swaping the spring front to rear

beacause i feal the rear that work too much so i want try with hard in front if will be more neutral in rear

somebody try this setup?

Anyway if you looking for for coilovers and you want to spent a lot of money
trust me the d2 are realy good

some comment from d2 owners and not will be appreciate


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Ive had mine for over a year And I love em:smile: