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Dang engine bay cover!!

5 November 2002
This thing sheds like CRAZY!!! Used a lint roller on it and went thru a whole roll. Still every time I open the back window I have little particles EVERYWHERE!!!

Very annoying.

Any suggestions??
I just realized you have the T-roof cover be ready for white lint :biggrin:
I took a shop vacuum to it and lifted most of that lint or whatever material it is.
I need to keep it on to hold the targa cover. Planning some trips and will need the option.
Tint the rear window. Then you won't notice it. I have mine off, I USED to like it. Now I hate it because it requires me to keep my engine bay clean all the dang time. Plus all the dust and oil residue that sticks to the glass that's hard to remove.

Wish I had a cover, linty or not.
Whatever you do, do now scrub the fuzzy on the cover or you'll get a bald spot.
scrub it all off with a vacuum cleaner.