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Dash trim kit for NSX-RSVP

25 September 2002
I have been thinking about installing the CF Dash trim kit for NSX that Chris has at SOS.

-Any responses from owners who have done this?
-I have read where you must clean with 50/50 isopropyl alcohol/distilled H20. And using a hair dryer slightly heat up CF trim/area to be done. Is this right?
-I know SOS has first class products/service, but any other trim kits avalible you might consider?
-Anything else I'm missing?

Thanks in advance! :smile:

PS:I would use the cf trim kit for the stock radio & ashtray in place.

If you really like that look, then by all means go for it. However, there is one thing you should consider: For a relatively small amount of money spent, virtually nothing will lower your car's market value as much as a carbon fiber dash kit. And unlike many other mods, it's not reversable (at least, not without refinishing or replacing the stock panel). I am not saying that because I personally find it ugly (I do, but hey, different strokes); this comment is only a reflection of what I've seen on many NSXs for sale, and which mods make them much more difficult to sell. (There are other mods that are even worse - garish interior reupholstery, for example - but you would have to spend a lot more money. It's kind of a "bang for the buck in reverse". ;) )
I would like to buy full on replacement pieces in carbon fiber...I wish those could be had somewhere. That way the mod could be reversed. Too bad I cannot find anything like that. :(

I agree about the dash kits though. The fact that they look 'added on' takes some of the appeal away for me as well.