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Davis Acura, are they any good?

24 May 2000
Altoona, PA
Just wondering if anybody is familar with their work? Are they very good with the NSX, comparable to Mark B.? I am wondering if I should fly Mark B. in or take it to Davis. I can't see how anybody would be better than Mark B. Any comments?
I've used them twice. once for their Davis Racing clutch and a 30 thousand mile tuneup
and another time for a coolant flush and coil change.First rate work and service
and would def. reccommend them.
good luck
Paul M
I must say Davis is really good. I bought my NSX off of the Internet!!!!! From Davis. It was a 92 black with 23k on her. It was exactly what I wanted and I had her checked out by a friend at another dealer just to make sure. Then I did my research on Davis and found out the Owner of Davis, is a NSX nut, so I felt I was in very good hands. They did the 30K tune up, detailed, new tires, set up shipping with a first class shipping operation.. etc etc before then shipped her to Southern Cal, I must say they are a first class dealer and I have not had one problem with my baby besides getting two hotties in the passenger seat... Life's great with my NSX and Davis took care of me.