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Decision on Coolant tank.

23 July 2003
Seattle, WA.
Hi all, I found that my coolant was low couple weeks ago, (didn't drive it afterwards), last night I fill it up to the max mark, and after 15 minutes driving, coolant was dripping to the floor. couldn't find the cause, but as soon as I release the cap(pressure within the tank), it stopped. Then I saw a little crack that's around 1/2 inch. Wondering what would you guys recommend for the replacement? I couldn't decide but I'm leaning towards the following 3 choices respectively:

1. SOS: like: the oem styling after installed. Internal Baffle. Cons: the most expensive of all three.

2.OEM: like: Mine lasted 14 yrs, I should be able to get one for less than $100. dislike: Since I will track it in next 7 months and planning going to nsxpo, should I take the chance??

3. Dali: like: The quality and workmanship. lower price than SOS one. dislike: Do not like the "Milk bottle" look after install, lack of baffle.

Could anyone help me?? thanks in advance.
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I love the SOS. It looks the best of all to me and is worth the extra money.
It is a good choice if you ever want your engine bay exposed.

Nate in DC
I also am happy with the SOS tank. I had the Dali and switched to the SOS since it was designed more to the stock tank with the internal baffle.
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OK, it is SOS for me. I like the fact it retains the factory mounts, retains the factory shape and baffle. It looks like a quality part and will definitely solve the problem of a possible leaking or cracking factory part.

The only question is red, black or polished. The price seems reasonable for the obvious quality of the part too. Just my 2 cents.
Thank you very much on everyone's comment. I placed the order for a SOS one too.

I do strongly recommend SOS considering nsx3.0's custom color... or maybe even the titanium color like the 91 nsx cluster.
I've got an SOS tank and very happy with it.
Doc C said:
Please post pics once you get it. COngrats!!!
Thanks Doc C, but my engine compartment is bone stock and not as clean as the others, I only ordered the Silver one, so it'll be pretty under-stated, I think.

I'll try to take some picture when I got it done. :smile:
I've seen Nate's Coolant Tank and it's a grat addition to the engine bay. The chrome looks like it should have been there from the start. A mod I will soon capture.