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Decorative paint

5 May 2022
I had read all of the post regarding painting the trim. All of them discussed about the darker graphite finish for earlier model. I am looking to repaint them to match the color from 2002+ model. More of the silver titanium color.
I am wondering any of your know the closed color I can get? I have seen others said use sebring silver. I believe it is more of a titanium color. I know 2005 use another color too. But I just need the 2002+ color.
I really appreciate for any inputs. Thanks!
The only posts I've seen on the topic talk about using a paint shop to match since it wasn't ever actually a paint on the 02+ but an overlay on the plastic.

But...if you don't have the 02+ piece I guess you can't do that! I'll keep digging but haven't found anything yet.