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Definition: "Pillar Damage"

30 June 2010
Winnipeg, MB Canada
I am looking at an NSX and would appreciate some feedback.

Could someone explain the reference to an NSX's "left front pillar" ? (IE: "Damage to left front pillar")

Is this a reference to the A pillar? Or is this the frontal structure near the left front bumper?

In either case, how concerned should I be in terms of damage/performance/safety? What should I look for?

Thank you!
If I read that I would think drivers side a-pillar.

And then I would walk away. That's one area (safety cell area) that would keep me away from any car I wasnt planning on putting a cage in.
Sounds to me like the A pillar. Without more info, I'd be pretty concerned as that's a critical portion of the factory safety cage. The last thing you want to happen in an accident is for the cabin to crumple rather than the designated crumple zone. I assumed the car is a salvage?
I am thinking pillar damage means main structural pillar that either the two hinges bolt to or the one the striker bolts to either one is very very serious. Can only be fixed buy a true professional. I would avoid this car unless you proceed with a qualified repairman. Cost of proper repair will probably be way more than the car is worth plus why tie up a bunch of money on such a damaged car.
Could be something as simple as paint damage or dents left by someone to broke into/attempted to break into the car at one point.

Might not be as serious as what these guys are thinking.

You'll need to ask the seller what they meant by that in order to get a clearer picture.
So, this is the history I know:

Car was in Florida until 2003, at which point there is a record indicating:

"Vehicle inspected after an accident or other incident. Damage to left front pillar".

Several months later, the car left Florida and arrived in Georgia. Soon after, it was sold at an auto auction to a dealer. This dealer then sold it to the current owner who appeared unaware of any prior damage. (2005ish- Present)

Is this train of transfers, etc. indicative of someone trying to cover up an incident? It does not appear the car has, or has ever, run a salvage title. However, I am not familiar if inter-state transfers can erase prior history.
Well if your looking to maybe buy this car get good PPI and you'll get what you will need to make a buying decision. :wink:

If you're just having fun asking about all the possibilities for what could or could not be, what each possibility could mean and just stirring that pot, playing car detective, that's cool too. Carry on and enjoy.:smile:
Thanks for you feedback everyone.

RE: The last post...Since the car is non-local to me, I'm going to be $300 - 400 into this thing for a PPI with and another $300 for travel. So, if you don't mind, I am going to play car detective :)
Cars that make their way thru dealer channels in Florida can end up with a washed title... it happens (feel free to debate it..)
Any pillar damage makes the car worthless unless you plan to mod it for track-use only with a roll-cage, etc

Without pictures, this is just a theoretical conversation