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Delivery Day At Last!

19 March 2012
The Big Island
After what felt like a week that would never end, delivery day finally arrived.The car was dirty, so what better way to get acquainted than with a quick bath!


And a terrible sun-bleached picture in the garage. Naturally I took it for a spin for a little bit first.

I'll get some better/proper pictures after I get it all cleaned up and can manage to stop giggling when I look at it. :)

- Chris
Some pics of my previous toy for posterity - turbo RSX-S, 404 whp @ 13.5 psi built by T1 Race Development.




And then one night on the way home from getting groceries this happened...




It was silly fast but in no way compares to the new car. Perhaps a blessing in disguise? Parted it out and had a nice chunk of change for a down payment on the NSX.
nice upgrade :smile:
Welcome! Is this the one from Classic Auto in Omaha?

Thanks! It is one that was at Classic Auto.

Had my first "proud to be an NSX owner" moment already this evening. Stopped at the store to pick up fixings for dinner and came out to someone snapping a few pictures. Could help but smile as I walked up to open the trunk. :)

- Chris
Wooo Hoo! It arrived!

Congrats and like socold 57 said...

nice upgrade :smile:

The pictures of your previous car reminds me of a 74 Corvette I owned for 6 years, years ago. The cam broke and parts went out the bottom, leaving a trail of smoke and oil as I coasted off to the side of the road.

On the upside, I was able to upgrade to a more powerful engine than came stock for the year.

I'm sure you and your car will get plenty more Kodak moments.

I've let a few people sit in mine and they look something like this :biggrin:

This will be a summer to remember.


- Rod
I bought my first NSX (91) from Terry in 1993! That first day is a great experience as well as all those that follow!
Wow, your NSX looks clean (no pun intended)! Is it everything you hoped for so far? My first NSX ownership experience was so surreal and sublime, I hope you're feeling the same way. Please post more photos! :)
Thanks, guys. I'm not sure it has fully set in that I have an NSX. Driving it is still a bit surreal. That said, I am loving every bit of it. The more time I spend in the seat the more I appreciate how great it really is. Even the lack of power steering makes me happy; it feels so solid, planted, and connected. :)

As for future plans, I don't want to do anything extensive with it. Pride v2 exhaust, matte bronze Work Emotion XD-9 wheels, and some sort of iPod solution are the first things on the list. I have a nice double din and a pair of JL Audio amps left over from the RSX but I am still on the fence about doing a full stereo overhaul. The factory setup does just fine for now. Naturally, every bit of the original car will be stored so I can put it back to factory original.

Going to try to do a proper wash, polish, and wax this coming weekend and get a bunch more pictures with it all shined up.

- Chris
GRATZ - I can tell how excited you are, and no wonder, a great car.

Sounds like you have a plan:biggrin:
Right on! Congrats and welcome to the NSX Love Affair ... Enjoy:biggrin:
Congratulations and .... Good luck to shine your beautiful NSX, black is a beautiful color but it is also the most difficult to maintain and keep clean (especially on dusty roads) I've had motorbikes black (Kawasaki Z 1300 / 6 cyl) :cool:and I swore to never get a car of that color, too difficult to keep clean:mad:, I wish you much pleasure with your beautiful NSX:smile:
Your timing is good, you've probably got a Cars and Coffee coming up this weekend. Time to get out!