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Diference between pride V1 and V2 performance and sound wise

8 April 2012
I am interested in this exhaust and have read a lot of reviews stating it sounds great wich is 50% of why I would purchase the other 50% would be freeing a few extra ponies.
My V1 is now broken in i believe, it appears to be more quieter now than earlier on for some reason (drone has subsided a little too but still there). Only mod on there is the Cold air intake going all the way down to the side scoop & engine cover removed. I drove local member one with V2, had straight test pipes, downforce scoop, sounds louder, & it sounded really good. I'm looking to upgrade to supercharge or turbo later so i might consider SOS endura lites or Taitec GTLW since V1 & V2 are restricted due to pipe diameter being small.
i highly doubt there is much of a difference in power between the two, sound of the v2 is said to be 15% higher pitched than v1... but im pretty sure the gains over stock are minimal... and there are others that do produce more power and are lighter. i bought it for the sound and it is glorious! i too like power, but i do tend to sacrifice power for an exhaust that sounds great and doesn't drone my brains out.